easiPol is leading web-based membership management software in South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa that serves the needs of funeral parlours and administrators, insurance underwriters and a range of other subscriber-based service administrators, allowing them to effectively manage their clients and business operations. Providing complete and secure administration and payment solutions via multiple platforms and preventing theft and fraud.

Funeral Parlour Software

Business Management Software for Funeral Administrators

easiPol funeral parlour software is the market leader in membership management policy administration software in Africa. Developed by RubiBlue (Pty) Ltd, who have decades of technical experience, market understanding and financial strength, easiPol funeral parlour management software has many advantages:

Increased client (policy holder) satisfaction by ensuring them of a reliable, fraud free system.

Improves the administrator’s or insurance underwriter’s employee work output by ensuring the employees conform to standard business processes.

The internet-based environment ensures access from anywhere, anytime within a secure framework.

Role-based access ensures administrators of employee user control.

Reduces theft and fraud by ensuring full audit trails of all employee actions within the system.

Module plug-ins to a debit order collection service provider to allow fast, effective and easy debiting of clients’ accounts and auto-receipting.

Module plug-ins to remote terminals (Pension Point) service provider to allow an officeless receipting environment for agents in the field.

Alternative Industries

easiPol is specifically targeted at the following markets:

Alternative Industries

easiPol is specifically targeted at the following markets:

Features & Benefits

easiPol is web based and is the leading business management software in the insurance market for the majority of funeral parlours, administrators and insurance underwriters in South Africa.

The modularity and our unique PPPs costing model enables any size administrator or insurance underwriter to effectively manage their clients and their business processes in a PROVEN business model or framework.

The ease-of-use and functionality available within the easiPol System, provides users guaranteed feature-rich software for the South African administration and insurance environment.

Funeral Administration

easiPol trusted funeral home management system enables funeral parlours and underwriters to manage their businesses more efficiently.

Full and seamless funeral
parlour management system

Stock Management
Manage stock of funeral items.

Funeral Policy Management
Main members, spouse, extended family, children, document repository, collection of premium management via multiple collection techniques.

Debtors Management
Identify unpaid funerals before the service.

Time Management
Create funeral files, manage pick-up and delivery dates, costs of funerals, BI1663 document, taking instructions from clients regarding cremation, burial, church, viewings, etc.

Tombstone Management
Manage orders for tombstones.

Full Reporting
Comprehensive reporting on all aspects within the system with the ability to filter on multiple levels.

Secure Web-based Administration

New Android Technology with easiPol


  • Online & Offline payments
  • 12 or 24 Month Rental option
  • Only pay for the modules you want
  • Streamlined mobile business operations
  • Debit/Credit/SASSA Cards Accepted
  • Effortless new policy applications and transactions


  • Android Lollipop 5.1
  • 3G, 4G (LTE), DPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1/4.1
  • 5-inch full colour LCD display, multi-touch screen
  • Dual SIM, 1 SAM, 1 SIM
  • 0.3 Megapixel fixed focus front camera
  • 5 Megapixel autofocus rear camera

Superior Performance
Android OS based, dual CPU design with optional 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Equipped with Newland’s proprietary quick scan engine, N910 supports multiple payment scenarios including all card payment, barcode/QR code payment and sound wave payment.

Maximum Endurance
7.2V/2600mAh super capacity battery with sophisticated power management system provides up to 1000 hours sleeping standby time and also supports 2.5 hours express charging.

Policy Administration

easiPol funeral software helps Policy Administrators and Underwriters to manage their businesses more effectively. Clients have seen a 35% increase in premium collections using our software. easiPol will assist your business in the following ways:

Policy Management
Manage your Main Members, Spouses, Extended family and Children.

Collections Management
Manage premium collections easily via Cash Collections, Debit Orders, Stop Orders, EasyPay.

Status Management
Manage status of Policies, from auto lapsing features to status workflow options.

Document Management
Manage uploaded documents per Policy + Print a range of template documents.

Claims Management
Manage claims, keep up to date with claims and payouts.

Society Management
Manage Societies, payments and claims.

Underwriter Management
Manage multiple underwriters, products and pay overs.

Fully customisable
Customise options yourself and take back control of your business.

Full Reporting
Comprehensive reporting within the system with ability to filter on multiple levels.

Subscriber & Collection Management

Subscriber Management
Manage your Subscribers.

Collections Management
Manage premium collections easily via Cash Collections, Debit Orders, Stop Orders, easyPay.

Union Administration

Membership Management
Manage your Members.

Collections Management
Manage premium collections easily via Cash Collections, Debit Orders, Stop Orders, EasyPay.

Arrears Management
Identify nonpaying members.

Manage your Network
Report on any information, from growth figures to income expectations.

Absolute Peace Of Mind

Data Loss

We backup every 3-5 minutes offsite to our backup datacentre


We have partnered with the best hosting provider in South Africa to guarantee 99.99% uptime

Up To Date Security

We test our system security every 3 months to ensure we have the latest security techniques employed

Cloud based VMWare Infrastructure

As we have grown our business and our client base, we identified a massive need to ensure our clients were receiving the best possible assurances that their data was secure, accessible and up to date.

To stay ahead of the demand we have ventured on a colossal capital expenditure budget to ensure we were running the best possible backend technologies available in the market and opted for a Cloud-based VMWare solution, that allows us these great features:

  • Hardware Redundancy – if some hardware fails, the systems switch to available servers in the Cloud cluster.
  • Connectivity Redundancy – if our primary Datacenter fails, we engage the backup data center and everything is back up and running without you even noticing.
  • Management – This technology allows us to easily plug more resources into the Server Farm without any disruption to you.

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